Mr. Quinn, an Algorithm Portfolio Strategy Developer, has developed  proprietary algorithm trading systems that have surpassed 94% return in 2013.

For over 14 years, Mr.  Quinn has led the research and development of the Currency Algorithm Trading System Euro Pacific Quant Research Group, and with rigorous testing, research, and a dogged determination, this has contributed to its success and strong performance.  It allows for a conservative and moderate approach, and aggressive foreign exchange market participation, that includes a proprietary multi-tiered level hedging mechanism.

Mr. Quinn, has a passion for programming and automation, along with an extensive background with investments , ranging from conservative, growth to income driven,  conventional vehicles, such as mortgage banking, commercial and residential real estate, futures, treasuries, commodities, indices, foreign exchange, and  options.  Equipped with best-in-class information technology, an extensive understanding of the market opportunities and market inherent unpredictability, he brings a wealth of balanced and non-biased experience and knowledge in the computerized trading arena, and offers comprehensive approaches when implementing the latest analysis and computerized trading to wealth management planning and strategies.

Over the years, his financial market technical analysis skills as a trader have been the driving factors for computerized trading development and implementation. Mr. Quinn particularly emphasizes and commits a large part of any aspect of trading to capital preservation that include risk management, strategic hedging, protective options, market technical analysis, efficient trade execution and various proprietary trading concepts in algorithm trading design,  He delivers superior performance while keeping measured and calculated risk.

Mr. Quinn lives in Santa Monica CA and has been in the Los Angeles area for over 21 years.

A fun guy to be around who likes to play, he is an aspiring academic of life with a philosophical and pragmatic prescriptive.  He enjoys volunteering and contributing to local and national elections. In his spare time, he takes on the challenge of hiking the mountains in southern California and participating in triathlons.

He was educated in the United States and in Europe.   With a European background, he speaks French and Greek fluently.


Marco Vitanza, part of Euro Pacific Quant Research Group advisory board;

Mar is a Geo-political, global economy and monetary analyst. He holds a strong background understanding of fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange markets by examining the interrelationship between geopolitical events, macroeconomic trends, and finance. Mr. Vitanza incorporates primarily fundamental analysis into his research in order paint the most complete picture of what is occurring across various asset classes in the medium-term long-term market trends.

Mr. Vitanza has over 35 years hands on expertise and experience analyzing the gold, silver and PMs markets. For most of this time Mr. Vitanza takes a painstaking effort in precious metals analytic, responsible for all precious and base metals markets analysis and research.

Mr. Vitanza chooses to give back by being a frequent speaker on monetary policy, precious metals and commodities talks and seminars. His latest presentations and speeches are updated regularly to reflect and address fluctuating Geo-political and market developments.

To contact Mr. Vitanza email Mvi@europacificrg.com

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