High frequency trading system design & management

Trading firms are highly reliant on data mining, computer modeling and software development. Financial analysts perform many similar tasks to those in software and manufacturing industries. However, the finance industry has not
hft yet fully adopted high-standard systems engineering frameworks and process management approaches that have been successful in the software and manufacturing industries. Many of the traditional methodologies for product design, quality control, systematic innovation, and continuous improvement found in engineering disciplines can be applied to the finance field.

Market and technological knowledge acquired from engineering disciplines can improve the design and processes management of high frequency trading systems. High frequency trading systems are computation-based. These systems are automatic or semi-automatic software systems that are inherently complex and require a high degree of design precision.

The design of a high frequency trading system links multiple fields, including quantitative finance, system design and software engineering. In the finance industry, where mathematical theories and trading models are relatively well researched, the ability to implement these designs in real trading practices is one of the key elements of an investment firm’s competitiveness. The capability of converting investment ideas into high performance trading systems effectively and efficiently can give an investment firm a huge competitive advantage.

Our development and planing process is composed of high frequency trading system design, system modeling and principles, and processes management for system development. Particular emphasis is given to backtesting and optimization, which are considered the most important parts in building a trading system. This research builds system engineering models that guide the development process. We do also use experimental trading systems to verify and validate principles developed.

The systems engineering principles, frameworks and strategy development can be the key to success for implementing high frequency trading or quantitative investment systems.