Hedge fund managers and wealth management professionals are faced directly or indirectly with the foreign currencies (Forex) trading marketplace becoming more performance-driven either through their asset investment allocation or hedging needs.

Meeting the demands of Sophisticated investors for stable, consistent returns with a strong risk management requires a considerable array of skills that range far beyond simply executing investment strategies.

Over 70%  Forex trading are now computerized trading overwhelmingly performed through algorithm and high frequency trading systems.

>> History;

Euro Pacific Quant Research Group was established to help hedge fund managers and wealth management professionals access inherent opportunities computerized trading offers and provide a hassle free technical management, quant research and development as well as systems maintenance and management.

>> Expertise;

Providing exclusive algorithm foreign exchange trading systems for hedge funds and wealth management professionals.

Euro Pacific Quant Research Group develops and maintains foreign currencies trading systems designed for today’s technological advancement of High Frequency trading, Algorithmic trading and Artificial Intelligence systems emergence.

14 years of research and development, technological evolution, rigorous testing and a dogged determination to the task have contributed to the successful development of the Currency Algorithm Trading Systems (CATS)®.

>> Reliability;

Our aim is to devise and implement strategic initiatives that balance investment needs with managed Hedging Algorithm Systems countering “rare events” and market risks.

CATS has been develop in three main version categories:
•    Conservative
•    Moderate
•    Aggressive

The multi-version CATS operates in the foreign exchange market to capitalize on foreign currency trading through intuitive algorithm trading applications built for today’s unique market conditions.

>> Proven Track Record;

Euro Pacific Quant Research Group clients can be confident that we are dedicated to delivering superior performance in today’s markets and implement new solutions and services which thrive in meeting their performance and technical needs.

•    Why should wealth management professionals implement sophisticated computerized trading in allocation?

•    How will customized Algorithm trading be a necessary asset to your overall trading strategies?

•    What size asset allocation will be necessary to provide you to participate in the benefits of Forex Algorithm trading?



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